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Academic Program

Challenge. Hard work. Success. These are just three of the central themes of our Regular Academic Program of Study. Through engaging courses and curriculum, young people push their learning further, expanding the boundaries of their intellect.

Bodwell’s courses carefully follow the Provincial Curriculum prescribed by the British Columbia Ministry of Education. Students who fulfill the graduation program receive a high school graduation diploma issued by the Ministry of Education.

Junior and senior grades are specialized to best fit the needs of Bodwell students:

• The junior years – Grades 8 and 9 – are essential for directing young people down the right academic path and to form study skills that will benefit them for years to come. They lay the foundation for higher levels of learning through a full spectrum of courses in the Sciences, Languages, Humanities, Fine Arts and in Physical Education.

• The senior years – Grades 10, 11, and 12 – challenge and enrich maturing minds as students prepare for university. Our goal is to ensure young people will overcome all the demands of post-secondary education. Through a wide variety of elective courses, students broaden their skills and knowledge about the changing world.


Academic & English Preparation

For young global citizens, being able to communicate fluently in several languages is no longer an option; it is a necessity. Becoming multilingual opens up valuable opportunities and empowers young people with the crucial ability to communicate across cultures.

AEP is a specialized English as a Second Language (ESL) program for students who are becoming proficient in English. Taught by dedicated teachers with expertise in both international education and ESL instruction, high school subject content is interwoven into AEP to ensure a smooth transition into Regular classes.

Bodwell offers AEP classes for grades 8, 9, 10, and 11. Each AEP class is subdivided into beginner, lower intermediate, and upper intermediate language levels. Once a specific level of English proficiency has been met, a student may be promoted to the Regular Academic Program. In addition to English, students learn crucial skills for academic success, such as teamwork, research, and critical thinking.

Academic and English Preparation includes:

• Academic Skills
• Canadian Studies
• International Studies
• Leadership & Culture
• Science and
• Art


Bodwell’s Trimester System

There are several advantages of the trimester calendar to international students. Firstly, there are three entrance opportunities every year. Students can begin at Bodwell in September, January, or April. Secondly, after reaching an acceptable English level through focused study in the Academic and English Preparation (AEP) Program, students can take four academic subjects in each subsequent term. In two terms, a student may complete eight academic subjects required for an academic grade. To his or her advantage, a student may complete one-and-a-half academic grades in each calendar year. This allows international students to keep up with their peers while ensuring English competence.
At Bodwell, Canadian students can flexibly use the summer term for valuable overseas travel and language learning. If students choose to continue their studies through the summer, they may complete high school more quickly and begin university studies sooner.

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