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How to Apply

1. Is Bodwell the right school for you?

Understand Bodwell’s Mission and Vision and decide if Bodwell is the right fit for you. Arrange for a visit to school, if appropriate.


2. Submit an Application Form

Check First

•   View Term Calendar as a PDF document.
•   Understand overall application process.
•   Questions? Contact our Admissions Officer.

Apply Online

Go to online application page, create an account and follow instructions there. You can make multiple applications with a single account. Please make sure you have all supporting document files ready listed in Section 3 below to complete the application. You will be updated of your application status through your registered email.

Bodwell Online Application System

Apply through Email

Or alternatively, you can download an Application Form and/or Dormitory Application Form or Homestay Application Form, complete it, and email them to the corresponding Admissions Officer.


3. Submit Supporting Documents

Required documents:
• Complete transcripts and progress reports of the past 3 years of schooling
• An essay (over 1 page) indicating why the student would like to study at Bodwell
• A photo copy of student’s passport ID page
Immunization history record

You can submit these documents via:
• electronic files while applying online
• or scan & email to your corresponding Admissions Officer
• or fax to +1-604-924-5058
• or post mail to: 955 Harbourside Drive, North Vancouver, B.C., Canada V7P3S4

Application Fee and ID Photos:
• CAD $200 Application Fee (non-refundable)
• 2 recent ID photos

Also required:
• Interviews in person or by phone
• Two confidential Letters of Recommendation from teachers


4. Payment of Fees

After reviewing the application, we will inform you via email of the program into which the student will be accepted and the appropriate fees (see sample fees) in the Letter of Offer document. We require full payment of fees in order to issue the student’s Letter of Acceptance (which is required for visa application purposes – international students only).


5. Receive Letter of Acceptance

Upon receipt of the full payment, we will send you a Letter of Acceptance and the official receipts. International students should apply for their student visa as soon as they receive the Letter of Acceptance.


6. Arrange Custodianship for International Students

If the student is under 19 years of age, Canadian Immigration requires custodianship. If he/she stays in our student dormitory or homestay program, Bodwell High School can assume supervisory responsibility and meet the custodianship requirement.


7. English Placement Test for International Students

An on-line English test will be arranged for all international students. Upon arrival at Bodwell High School, the student will be asked to write the English Placement Test. According to the test results, he/she will be placed in an appropriate level of the Academic & English Preparation (AEP), a specialized ESL program program, or regular high school grade.


That’s it! We look forward to welcoming you at Bodwell High School!

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