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Bodwell High School

Bodwell High School was founded in 1991 and is located in the waterfront of North Vancouver, Canada, overlooking the Vancouver Harbour and City Centre. It is a co-educational, university preparation boarding school, offering IB-MYP for grades 8 to 10 and BC curriculum for grades 10 to 12.

Bodwell provides a culturally diverse environment for students from Canada and around the globe and enables them to become active learners and well-rounded citizens. Our students are continually guided by a counsellor from admission to post-secondary, following a personalized pathway plan for their unique needs and aspirations.

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What do they say about Bodwell?

Ayako Naruke

Class of 2015 - JD Student at Osgoode Hall

My classes definitely inspired my path that I'm on today. I studied criminology for my undergraduate in Toronto as a result of my Law 12 class taught by Mr. Griffin. We went to the BC Supreme Court on a field trip, where I met this amazing lawyer and a judge who inspired me to practice and study law. 

David Chen

Class of 2010 - Supervisor at Crowe Mackay LLP such an environment, I was able to thrive. Canada is just very welcoming. I really wanted to get into university in Canada. Therefore, I had that purpose; that drive to excel... I graduated from here in 2012, and subsequently I went to university a UBC Okanagan, where I studied management and more specifically specialized in accounting.

Santa Ono

President, UBC (2020) 

Bodwell's motto is Strength in diversity. It is a slogan that resonates with me because I can appreciate how our diversity strengthens us individually, and how the diversity of institutions strengthens those institutions, and how the diversity of institutions strengthens the cities, the provinces, and the nations in which they are located.

Nicole Anders

Class of 2005 - Clinical Psychologist

Bodwell was an amazing school for me, it got me interested in diversity, in other cultures, in travel… it is the reason I became fluent in Spanish and have travelled the world not only for school/work but for pleasure too. I also feel Bodwell gave me a great academic foundation to succeed.

Huimin Chen


Makayla became more independent, not only in her life skills, but in her clarity for future goals. She was able to meet friends from all around the world, expanding her horizon and tolerance for other cultures. She became more confident and actively participated in school events and student parliament. As a result, she became much more responsible...

Saeid Haji Nia


A very important issue for me was not academic... The life skills, language skills, how to communicate, and creativity and leadership - all these things, Nima, just last week, told me, Dad, really, I miss this at Bodwell.

Ginger Lindberg


I really wanted her to go to a place where she could actually not be taught what to think, but rather, how to think. And I feel, especially this year, she has some fantastic instructors that have a strong university background and they are really challenging her.

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Recent updates

2024 Graduation Speaker

Bodwell High School is looking forward to a very special guest speaker this June for the Graduation Ceremony of the Class of 2024...

Spring 2024 Orientation (Video)

Day one for students joining Spring 2024 at Bodwell -

Every orientation at our campus is a refreshing chance to see new faces join our community from around the world...

We look forward to welcoming you

I always love the moment I first meet a new student as he or she arrives. From that moment forward, I get to see that student’s personal journey of transformation. I want all new students to know that they can seek me out for any concerns or questions, and I will work with staff to find the right supports.




Mr. Stephen Goobie


From new student orientation to graduation, as a counsellor, it has been a joy to be a part of each student’s journey. Bodwell High School provides a rich and dynamic environment for students before they move towards a post-secondary education.

Ms. Meghan Dalziel

Senior Student Counselor

The best thing about working with new students is seeing them grow to reach their full potential.  Self-actualization of who they are as people inside in and outside the classroom is what's most important to me as an educator. 

Mr. Johnson Chiu

Teacher & Head Coach