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Alumni Speak

We asked our alumni - did Bodwell have an impact on your life, helping to shape who you are today?

Bodwell has without a doubt helped shape the person that I am today. One of the things I came to appreciate the most was the multicultural environment of the school. The teaching of principles and virtues, through the house system and the student parliament, such as leadership, service to others and the community, was also a highlight of my experience and something I have been able to apply in my private life.

Renato Melillo

Class of 2010
Sales and Marketing Manager

Although my time at Bodwell was short, it had a positive impact on my life. I migrated from Singapore back to Canada that year and had to transition from the UK to the US education system. 

Bodwell was instrumental to that transition, and I found myself among so many international classmates in the same situation. It was a friendly environment and I didn't feel out of place.

Alina Yujia Chan, PhD

Class of 2005
Post-Doctoral Fellow, MIT & Harvard

Yes, definitely! The positive learning environment at Bodwell facilitated my interests in learning and pushed me forward in my academic career. 

Getting to know many people from all over the world back then also helped me learn different languages and cultures.

Ai Miyamoto, PhD

Class of 2006
Post-Doctoral Research Lecturer

My time in Bodwell was fundamental for my personal and professional path. Sharing classrooms, hallways, and dorm rooms with students from more than 30 different nationalities, opened my mind and widened my perception to different cultures and points of view. This multicultural aspect added to the independence and maturity that come hand with hand to living in another country by yourself as a teenager.

Fabio Almada Torres

Class of 2010 
Co-Founder, Warrior Diplomacy Podcast 

Bodwell had a great impact on my life in the best way possible. It shaped me and built me up to be a global citizen. And what I mean by that is that, thanks to my time in Bodwell, I experienced and got to know cultures and countries that otherwise I wouldn't have. It gave me a deeper understanding on how different other cultures and perspectives can be and how important it is that we find strength in our differences rather than fearing them or rejecting them.

Ana Cantu

Class of 2014
Video Editor

The way of teaching in Bodwell (probably in Canada) was a totally different method than in Hong Kong. I used to hate going to school but in Bodwell I actually enjoyed studying and passed my exams with flying colours. The way teachers taught help students understand more about the underlying meaning and theory of things instead of just memorising them in order to perform well in exams. The classes were very useful to my studies later on in University (especially AP Calculus).

Stephanie Tsai

Class of 2008
VP, Investment Company

Bodwell gave me the tools to become independent and open to change, as well as to be fearless of change. Change is always good.

To understand that as a human being, I’ve been wrong and to understand that it is ok to have mistaken and had lessons learned from that. To not judge anyone ahead of time and give people the opportunity to get to know them first. It was one of the best times in my life.

Ismael Zhu

Class of 2007
TV Host & Restaurant Owner

I went from a shy, timid and insecure little girl to a teenager who started realizing that I had a lot to offer to those around me. It marked the beginning of a lifelong journey to understand and embrace my true self. Bodwell did not give me all the big important answers: It taught me to first ask the big important questions. The people that I met there, the friendship that I fostered - a few of which I am still in touch with even today!

Le Diem Lan Tran

Class of 2004
Marketing Coordinator

Bodwell did help shape who I am now positively. With all the help from teachers in class, counsellors, and even tutors from study session while living in dormitory, I had dedicated a ton of time and effort into study and life balance (lots of friends from different backgrounds to connect with). I had also been grateful that I have set a clear mind shortly after studying in Bodwell, knowing where and what I’d like to further study after graduating from Bodwell.    

Stephanie Sung

Class of 2011
Director of Sales

Bodwell was an amazing school for me, it got me interested in diversity, in other cultures, in travel… it is the reason I became fluent in Spanish and have travelled the world not only for school/work but for pleasure too. I also feel Bodwell gave me a great academic foundation to succeed.    

Nicole Anders, PhD

Class of 2005 
Clinical Psychologist 

Going to Bodwell has definitely had a positive impact on my live, broadening my perspective of the world by being part of an international community. At Bodwell, I really learned what it means to be a Global Citizen. Boarding school also provided a platform for growth, where I started a journey of gaining independence, cultivating responsibility, and made many lifelong friends all over the world.    

Jonathan Ho

Class of 2008
Management Consultant, Accenture

I believe that I am a global citizen and my journey started at Bodwell as a student and continued as a staff early in my career. I feel comfortable relocating and living in a new culture, community or country now. I am grateful to Bodwell’s staff and students for providing me with an environment to learn and grow.

Boris Remes

Class of 2006
Entrepreneur & Marketing Director