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Why BC & Canada?

A Canadian education opens doors.

From learning to work with technology to building leadership skills, Canada offers world-class instructors and support. At Bodwell, students learn key skills to join sectors that are in demand across the globe.


Our students are exposed to a multicultural experience, with opportunities to learn:

  • Different languages with a baseline in Academic English
  • High-quality education in science and mathematics 
  • World history and critical thinking
  • Career and life skills to excel in university and beyond

World Class Quality of Life


Bodwell is in North Vancouver, located twenty minutes from downtown Vancouver, and nearby mountains and coasts. Students here enjoy:

  • A safe and healthy outdoors environment. 
  • Activities ranging from camping and skiing to sports like golf and soccer
  • Nature, with school trips to parks, mountains, forests, lakes and the coasts.

A Welcoming Canadian Experience

School life in Canada is safe and highly diverse, with:

  • Over 400,000 students coming into the country each year (CIC News, 2019),
  • The fourth-largest international student population.
  • Sixth in the world on the Global Peace Index in 2020.
  • High immigrant population and well-defined policies against discrimination.

“We were pleasantly surprised to learn that Leo had not only joined the Student Union to actively serve the community, but also grown from a stubborn youth, interested only in science and technology, to a cheerful, optimistic young man with creativity and imagination. With the immersive English living and learning environment at Bodwell, Leo’s English has improved rapidly…  Bodwell provided well-rounded help, arranged for a counsellor to give one-on-one guidance with full analysis of our son’s academic performance and interests, and helped him earn admission to a famous Canadian university.”

– Mr. and Mrs. Li, on their son’s success at Bodwell