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Parents Speak

Hear Directly From Bodwell Parents


Bo Wu
Translated from the original 

When Bo walked into the 2022 Graduation Ceremony, full of joy, we were as excited as he was, and we were happy for him! Proud of him!
At this moment, even a thousand words wouldn't be able to express our incomparable admiration and heartfelt gratitude to Bodwell High School.

In these three years full of global hardships and challenges, we witnessed Bo grow from an introverted child who was not good at words, to an ideal, ambitious, mature, stable, tenacious and self-reliant Canadian university student.

We will never forget that when the COVID epidemic forced schools to close for more than four months, Bodwell provided meticulous care and help from the principal to the teachers and staff to prioritize wellbeing. We will never forget that when Bo found difficulty with his calculus, the school arranged full-time teachers to be responsible for one-to-one tutoring; we will not forget that when students are sick, the Bodwell dormitory and the nursing staff will provide assistance and accompany them to see doctors; we will not forget, when Bodwell students encountered various difficulties, Mr. Fu was always full of love and enthusiasm to help; we will never forget that Ms. Chen consistently accompanied our son and encouraged his growth in the past three years, so that Bo kept learning, making significant progress and achievements in school life.

We are proud to be associated with Bodwell! We commend Bodwell High School for its people-oriented educational philosophy and rigorous teaching management!

Никллай Москалев

My son attended Bodwell High School in the 9th grade,

In September 2014. We visited a beautiful city, Vancouver, to find options for school. Here, we discovered (as we have read the information earlier) everything needed for our children's studies, leisure and life, and an excellent material and technical base, a wonderful, quiet location, and most importantly, attentive, kind and responsive teachers and staff of the school.

Thank you ALL for the perfectly organized process!

Soudabeh Mousavi

For the past three years, my son has attended Bodwell School as an international student.

Officials at the school have been accommodating and supportive throughout the process. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this was quite remarkable, and I can conceive of the following as positive aspects of this collection:

  • Well organized administrative structure
  • Professional academic advisors, particularly Ms. Arian Talvardi (Iranian consultant)
  • Oversight of students' educational and moral concerns, and support and expert guidance for choosing a good college and excellency's unparalleled compassion, effort, and effort in education and the transfer of valuable information and experiences
  • Establishing an intimate and friendly relationship with students' seekers and creating a pleasant environment for acquiring knowledge and understanding the conditions of students last year - this was greatly appreciated by my family.

Finally, I'd like to express my gratitude to anyone at Bodwell High School who has supported and directed our children throughout their education, particularly Miss Talwerdi, Miss Zandi, Mr. Chaffey, Mr. Goobie, and Mr. Hallis.

Sahar Bazgir

My son has been an international student at Bodwell School for two years. School officials have guided and helped us a lot in all stages. Among the positive points of this collection, I can name the following:

Very consistent administrative system, responsible academic advisors, especially Ms. Arian Talvardi, supervision of students' educational and moral issues, and strong support and professional advice for choosing college and university.

Alex Synkov

(Translated by Google) Dear Boris! Dear school staff!

Thank you for the good news about our daughter's performance.

We are very grateful to you and your school for the care and professionalism shown to the students, which allows them to take place as individuals and gain confidence in their future.

We are very pleased that our daughter adapted perfectly at school, and to find confirmation of this during the spring break, when she asked us to come to her in Canada, and during the holidays when we came to explore British Columbia. We know our child, and if she preferred a vacation in Canada to one back home, this means that she really likes your school and its environment. We are happy for her.

It’s hard for many children to decide on separation from their parents, but the best confirmation of your success in educating children is their achievement. Only a happy person is capable of creativity and development. We can see that our child is happy, and we thank you very much for his joy.