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Grades 10-12 - BC Curriculum

Bodwell’s regular program builds on the high standards of the BC Ministry of Education.






Key Features

  • Students have room to choose their own path, with 13 Core Courses and 7 Elective Courses
  • Well-rounded core education covering English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Health Education, and Career Life Education
  • Globally recognized and transferrable diploma
  • Easy transition to post-secondary studies in BC, a province that offers high quality of life, strong educational range, and beautiful surroundings

BC Grades 10-12 at Bodwell

At Bodwell, we strive for the highest possible standard and take great care in implementing the BC curriculum.

Small class sizes

We maintain small class sizes for more intense teacher-student and student-student interactions in the classroom essential to the development of thinking skills.

Academic Support

We design individual academic supports for each student according to his or her mother tongue and academic background in a variety of forms.

Passionate Teachers

Over three decades we have built a teaching staff that brings passion and understanding to meet the needs of international students.

Seamless Academic Transition

We see the academic foundation that our international students bring as an asset, rather than an obstacle, to build on and connect to the BC curriculum.

Many of our students display their talents in the local community, through math and science competitions, sports, and artistic exhibition. 

Bodwell’s regular program builds on the high standards of the BC Ministry of Education.

The BC Curriculum is widely recognized as one of the best in North America and the world. The recently redesigned program is modern, student-centered, and based on real abilities and understanding. Students learn about key skills for the global job market and how to take charge of their own lifelong learning.


At the heart of the curriculum are three features contribute to deeper learning:

Curriculum Model

All areas of learning are based on a “Know-Do-Understand” model to support a concept-based competency-driven approach to learning. The Content (Know), Curricular Competencies (Do), and Big Ideas (Understand) all work together to support deeper learning.