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Advanced Placement & Honours Cohorts

For students that excel.

At Bodwell, our students have the opportunity to study a wide variety of US College Board Advanced Placement courses. These courses follow curricula designed by experts for universities. Students with a keen interest in a particular field of study can take our Advanced Placement courses and begin their university journey while still at high school.

Bodwell supports students that take AP courses, through a combination of AP-specific tutoring services, and assistance with exam registration and preparation. Students are also able to take exams directly at a Bodwell classroom, or with arrangements by our staff.  

AP courses build a stronger profile for university applications and save time during university. Bodwell is audited yearly by The College Board to ensure that we provide the rigour and expertise these courses require.

AP Course Offerings

AP Calculus AB AP 2-D Art & Design
AP Chinese Language & Culture AP 3-D Art & Design
AP Chemistry AP Drawing
AP Computer Science Principles AP Physics 1 & 2


Bodwell’s STEM and Art-Design Honours Cohorts

Selected Bodwell students interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) or Art-Design for post-secondary education may qualify for Bodwell’s STEM or Art-Design Honours Cohorts, comprising a special collection of either math, science, and technology courses or art and design courses from BC and AP curricula.

The cohorts allow students to complete such collections of courses more efficiently, with added support. Each cohort program is designed to compete for admission to highly selective STEM or Art-Design majors at top universities.