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Personalized Pathway

Each student is unique, from a different place, heading towards a different goal

When we talk about personalized pathways, we mean exactly that.  There is a person, a unique and complex young adult in formation, who, given the right guidance and platform, and the best pathway, has potential to grow, to achieve and to succeed. 

A pathway unique to each student doesn’t happen by chance. From start to finish and throughout, our students continually meet with a specific counsellor through a careful process. This is key to match program choices, tailor experiences and gain guidance in meeting the student’s goals.

1. Pre-Arrival Meeting with Parents

Your counsellor meets with you and your parents to start getting to know you, and to understand your family’s goals and expectations, answering any questions you might have. 

2. Arrival assessment

Your counsellor examines in detail your English test results and school history, then learns more about you in a one-on-one interview. Together, you explore your work habits, activities you enjoy, life goals, and education plan. 

3. Pathway design & course planning

Your counsellor helps you understand how your pathway at Bodwell will look, and helps you plan an optimal course load to apply for your desired university. 

4. Academic Support Plan

Your counsellor and principal design a specific academic support plan with you to target your academic goals and any current weaknesses. This can include additional sessions with teachers, study time with tutors, and academic co-curricular learning.   

5. Life Skills Development Plan

Your counsellor and youth advisors design a life-skill development plan with you according to your interests and history. The plan includes after-school sports and activities, leadership opportunities, and life-skills co-curricular learning. 

6. Career Life Education

You will take two career life courses prior to graduation, learning to understand yourself and career life in a changing world. In a Capstone Project, you independently research and present a topic of your choice, linked to your career goals. 

7. University Guidance & Applications

To plan for a strong post-secondary decision, you research an extensive range of options including locations, universities, and programs, with the support of your counsellor. You also learn about entry requirements and scholarships. 

8. Graduation

It is time to celebrate and say goodbye. Now, you depart from adolescence and enter young adulthood. Though you will always have a community at Bodwell, you are now ready to pursue your life goals.  

Counsellors - Your Trusted Connection Each counsellor advises a small group of students on academics, post-secondary planning, health, and personal well-being, as well as work on key life skills development for lifelong success. As the first point of contact for both students and their parents, the counselling staff provides holistic support to our students. 


Bodwell's counsellors are multilingual, bringing their own international experience to the table when it comes to supporting students from around the world. Though Bodwell prioritizes English in the classroom, we are proud to offer support in a large variety of preferred languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Farsi, and Russian.


From the first day of boarding to graduation and departure, Bodwell students find the support they need to truly call the school their home.