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Progressing through Grades 8-12

A Wide Range of Options for Every Grade

See the full range of a Bodwell student journey below, including course options and key learning goals at each grade level. Bodwell prioritizes academic rigor alongside flexibility in student pathways, so that each student who comes to the school can find their ideal preparation for post-secondary education and their future career. 

International Baccalaureate
Grades 8 to 10

Junior students undergo the IB program. Each subject encapsulates:

  • A framework that is flexible enough for individual IB schools to incorporate IB with its school culture and learning environment.
  • The curriculum for our IB program is rigorous and meets or exceeds expectations set forth by the British Columbia Ministry of Education.
  • Priority on a global perspective that embeds and utilizes inter-cultural understanding and experiences.
  • Developing learners into thinkers and communicators that are reflective, open-minded, principled, caring, and balanced.
Language & Literature Language Acquisition
(French & Other Languages)
Individuals & Societies Sciences
Mathematics Arts
Physical & Health Education Design, Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)

BC Curriculum
Grades 11 & 12

Senior students begin to incorporate university preparation into their studies. 

  • Options including Advanced Placement courses to extend learning to university level 
  • Preparation of university applications, including profile/portfolio-building and practical career skills
  • Advanced academic coursework including university prep to build study skills and success factors.
  • Emphasizing balanced and sustainable lifestyle for students to succeed beyond school.
English 11/12 Career Life Connections
Math or Pre-Calc 11/12

Science 11/12 Options 

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
Social Studies 11/12

Fine Arts or Applied Skills

  • Digital Communications
  • Choir 
  • Concert Band
  • Drama
  • Food Sciences 
  • And more!
Physical & Health Education

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement courses follow curricula designed by experts for universities.

  • Students begin their university journey while still at high school, and can earn post-secondary credits through these courses.
  • AP courses build a stronger profile for university applications and save time during university.
  • Bodwell is audited yearly by The College Board to ensure that we deliver a high standard of learning
AP Calculus AB AP 2-D Art & Design
AP Chinese Language & Culture AP 3-D Art & Design
AP Chemistry AP Drawing
AP Computer Science Principles AP Physics 1 & 2

Additional offerings on rotation per semester