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Alumni Portal

Bodwell is proud to have over 7,000 alumni from all around the world. 

With over 30 years of proud alumni, we encourage all members of the Bodwell family to stay connected and to make use of the wide network that the school has to offer.

We proudly partner with interested alumni to act as ambassadors for the school across the world, and hope to provide consistent engagement over the coming years. 

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Alumni directory

This is a list of alumni who graduated from Bodwell High School. Many of you spent time at Bodwell but did not stay until you graduated. If that includes you and you would like your name added to the Directory, please let us know and we will be happy to add your name.


The Directory is grouped by year, and is fully searchable through the icons on the top-right. 

Contacting fellow alumni:

You will see that we are respecting everyone's privacy by not including contact details in this Directory. Do you wish to contact any of your friends who are on this list, but you do not know how? There are a number of ways you can do this.

  • Contact the Alumni Affairs Coordinator at to request the contact details of your friend/s. He will seek permission from your friends for the details to be released to you, and if permission is provided, will send the details to you.
  • There is a Bodwell Alumni group on both LinkedIn and Facebook. If you are not already a member of these groups, join them and search for the names of your friends there. (If you have a LinkedIn or Facebook account, you can search for names even without joining these groups). 

Hear from Fellow Alumni

First, coming from a small town, one tends to have certain prejudices. You think people of certain nationalities behave a certain way and you build stereotypes. However, once you see kids from all over the world, you start to think differently...

Read More about Danat Turakbayev

Although my time there was only 2 years, I really enjoyed the dorm life and the programs planned by the staff that really helped me settle in within the first 2 months of being home sick and fearful of living in a foreign county...

Read More about Cara Loh

Positive things were meeting great friends and teachers from different backgrounds, that helped me to open my mind to different cultures. I learned to live alone; my parents were in Mexico and so I had to be responsible, go to school and try not fail any classes...

Read More about Andrea Perez Gonzalez

The Bodwell High School will be always remembered by me as one of the best times in my life. Teachers were always professional and treated every student as individual with respect and understanding...

Read More about Nikita Jakovlev

Bodwell had a very positive impact on my life. I feel like I ended up becoming more independent and learned how to take care of myself thanks to Bodwell...

  • Alumni
Read More about Arda Coban

Bodwell did have a positive impact on who I am right now. During my life at Bodwell, I have grown up as a man, learned to become more professional, and my long-time values and beliefs have changed...

  • Alumni
Read More about Chanjin Yoon