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Class of 1997
I believe studying at Bodwell was the best decision my parents have made for me. Bodwell opened up my eyes to the world! I remember even though I wasn’t the best student at school, all the teachers and staff only saw the best in me, and it was special because I had never been treated like that before.

Secretary Cherry and Tracy were always willing to chat with me and teach me new fancy words. Also, Mr. David Crawford’s art class opened up a whole new world for me. I tried all types of art at those times. And also, I experienced the camera shooting! Besides art, Mr.Crawford also brought me to dragon boat races, which was an amazing experience and a good tradition. Bodwell should keep going with it.

I would like to thank a specific person that believed in me the most – Mr. Doug Graham. He had given me a chance to be part of a food store management! So, I had the chance to learn things close up in the real world! Besides that, he also brought me into the hockey world! ‘Oh~~~~Martin! Go Canucks go!’ He also gave me the chance to tell my kids, ‘Hey, your mom saw Michael Jordan, and those crazy five.’

I believe Bodwell changed my teenage life. They made me become who I am, understand that kids are individuals, and that we have to see the good side of them. They also gave me have plenty of new ideas to give to our kids and those students that my husband and I spend time with almost every day! I’d like to thank all the people I have known since I went to Bodwell. I’m super grateful for all they have done.