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Class of 2002

The Bodwell High School will be always remembered by me as one of the best times in my life. Teachers were always professional and treated every student as individual with respect and understanding. They understood very well that many students had left their countries and were experiencing big stress, so they were very supporting, and I always got the feeling that they cared.

Even after so many years I still remember some of the teachers: Mr. Macintosh, Mr. Hallis. School life was diverse and everyone could find something for themselves. I think my name even got printed on a metal plate for being socially active. I wonder if those plates are still existing somewhere in the Bodwell Museum…Activities were fun. Lots of outdoor and hiking, kayaking. Vancouver, itself, is a wonderful place to live in and enjoy nature.

I still remember how I went 2-3 times a week to North Vancouver by sea bus and hiking to the Grouse Mountain. Language skills and social skills that I got in Bodwell helped me in my life to create connections with people and get through university years. Overall, it’s a blast of positive emotions that is very important for young people who are just in the beginning of their conscious life journey.