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Parent Portal

Parents are our partners at Bodwell High School. 

We pride ourselves on consistent and close communications with our parent community at Bodwell High School. Between students, teachers, counsellors, and parents, Bodwell works hard to create an open and honest channel of communications that supports the student experience in every aspect, from academic performance to life-skills development and community engagement.

What can I expect from Bodwell as a Parent? 

Bodwell parents have full access to a range of regular reports prepared by school staff, while students are encouraged to regularly check in with their families throughout their time on campus. Counsellors and teaching staff are always open to more specific and goal-oriented discussions with parents to help equip students for greater opportunities. 

All parents are provided an orientation, just like our students when they join the Bodwell community. From start to finish, parents are provided the support and guidance they need in order to stay connected with their child's journey with us. Bodwell is proud to have a team of over 10 counselors with expertise in university preparation and a wealth of international experience, who maintain open and consistent communication with parents. 

Already part of the Bodwell family?