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Staff & Students

Together from around the world

Bodwell's staff and student community is global, bringing together goals, skills, and interests from diverse backgrounds 

Bodwell Program Staff

The expertise of each staff team contributes to the smooth operation of the school and to an excellent standard of student well-being.

Our working culture prioritizes the needs and well-being of our community, and emphasizes the modeling and development of key values to good citizenship and a high standard of achievement. 


Provide world-class instruction in a comprehensive curriculum

Study Time Tutors
Deliver after-school support to students during boarding hours 

Youth Advisors
Offer round-the-clock support to our students and help build life skills.  

Enrichment Instructors 
Explore new interest areas, hobbies, and enrichment education with our students

Safeguard the health and wellbeing of our boarders

Provide key resources and personalized support to every student at Bodwell.

Our students

Young people come to Bodwell from all over the world. By living and studying together, our students learn about differences between cultures as well as the common principles that bind them all together. Bodwell students are guided by the principle of “Strength in Diversity," a reflection of Canadian multicultural ideals and values.


Our students learn and practice the common social values vital to peaceful co-existence through Bodwell's House system. The House system has six houses named after the values that Bodwell prizes.  


Each student, on their arrival to Bodwell, will be placed in one of these six houses. Through healthy competition and teamwork, students are guided through concepts of fairness and justice, non-violence and peaceful conflict resolution, intercultural understanding and tolerance, and compassion, respect, and service to others.