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Extracurricular Activities

Developing an Engaging and Vibrant Lifestyle

Being involved, making contributions, connecting with others, and embracing a healthy and active lifestyle – these are all opportunities for personal growth.  At Bodwell, there are clubs, athletic teams, boarding activities, community outings, volunteering, and cultural events for students to join. Some students seek out community groups, programs, courses, and events in the city to better immerse themselves in Canadian life. ​

Staying Engaged with Student Participation

Each student is expected to dedicate time from each week for activities of their choice - whether this is in clubs, activities, sports, or other arrangements. Counsellors and boarding advisors often help students explore interests to help meet this goal. 

Students’ participation outside of class is tracked very closely.  Parents and students have access to real-time data on all their activities.

The system allows each student to plan their time better and develop motivations and self-reflections upon what they've done through a term.  Students can also help their house by contributing their “Participation Hours” toward a group competition each term between the school's student Houses.

Hall Activities

Each boarding hall has youth advisors that plan out regular activities for their students to explore new places and interests. Students share time together in various activities, like movie nights, group cooking classes, picnics and special meals, or attending events like sporting competitions and musical performances.

Beyond exploring the city and community surrounding our campus, these activities help students connect more closely with one another, building lifelong friendships outside of the classroom. 

Afterschool Activities & Events

After classes, students have many options to stay engaged every day. These include outdoor activities, excursions, school events, and, of particular interest, Bodwell's student clubs, sponsored by teachers with similar interests and some skill in the area. 

Outdoor Education

Our location, close to mountains, forests, creeks, and the ocean, give our students an advantage in learning survival skills, improving their physical endurance, and strengthening their understanding and respect for the planet.​


The boarding staff prepare regular excursions every week, with expanded options closer to holidays and special occasions. Students can explore the community and enjoy the many amenities of a Canadian city. 

School Events

The Bodwell community celebrates and commemorates many events through the year. As an international community, Bodwell offers many opportunities to enjoy and learn various cultures. 

Volunteering & Out-Of-Province Trips

Students develop a portfolio of volunteer experiences that not only give them a sense of duty, purpose and empathy, but also impart practical skills and abilities.​ When our students take on opportunities to volunteer their time, they discover the satisfaction of helping others through clubs, enrichment courses, service jobs, and community outreach functions.​

Some of our students go further, making use of school breaks to go on trips to different countries to learn about social and environmental justice issues with a truly international perspective.

Out of province trips take place during semester breaks at Bodwell

Bodwell students have volunteered with a wide range of nonprofit and community organizations locally