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Growing Through Competition and Teamwork

The Bodwell athletic experience is rare amongst other schools because our teams are made up of athletes from all over the world. On the basketball court, over the soccer field, and in the swimming pool, our athletes think globally and win locally.

Each team is headed by a well-qualified staff-member who works with our student athletes to encourage talent and build technique. 

Historically, our teams have won numerous championships competing as part of the North Shore Athletic Association (NSSAA) and the Greater Vancouver Independent School Athletic Association (GVISAA). 

Featured Alumni Athletes

Ed Ahanmisi

We all know the phrase “a home away from home,” playing sports at Bodwell gave me “a family away from family.” My teammates and team managers were my stand-in siblings, and my coaches and support staff are my uncles and aunts. The experience also taught me invaluable life lessons. It laid the foundation for my understanding of teamwork, smart work, hard work, community, and respect. Playing sports at Bodwell offered me genuine love and care, at the same time, it taught me how to carry myself.

Idil Turk

Different cultural ethnicities and playing styles helped me gain a new perspective towards sports. Being part of this community also led me to stand on my own feet and discover my inner self and talents.

Athletics at Bodwell

Bodwell students have a wide range of team and solo sports that they can pursue at a recreational or competitive level during their studies. Under the guidance of coaches, students learn strong habits for discipline, physical fitness, teamwork, and goal-setting. 

Sports at Bodwell have included basketball, soccer, volleyball, track & field, golf, swimming, and many others, on rotation from year to year. 

Recreational Sports

Beyond competition, students can unwind from their focused study time with recreational sports.

Alongside friends, students can take it easy through ping-pong, pool, or lawn games, or, they can play casual games of badminton, soccer, or basketball. 

On-Campus Facilities

Students at Bodwell have a wide range of facilities to use for their physical health, including an on-campus swimming pool, outdoor fields for sports, two full-size gymnasiums, and a weights room.

In addition, boarding activities will often include enjoyable exercise like group runs, yoga, and conditioning or flexibility classes.