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Health & Wellness

Prioritizing Student Wellness

Bodwell students live and learn in one of the healthiest communities in the world. With access to world-class healthcare systems and coverage, as well as a wide expanse of Canadian outdoors, North Vancouver is a strong environment for holistic and healthy growth.

The school takes care to provide a high standard of nutrition, healthcare, physical/emotional wellbeing, and safety needs for each student, so that they are best positioned for learning success. 

A Healthy and Holistic Lifestyle

Students at Bodwell have a wide range of facilities for active living - learn more about them here.

In addition, boarding activities will often include enjoyable exercise like group runs, yoga, and conditioning or flexibility classes. 

Our On-site Healthcare Staff

Our full-time nursing team provides medical assessment, treatment, recommendations and accompaniment to students on medical visits.

Our senior nurse, Ms. Joelle, lives on campus and is on-call to address emergency needs. 

Bodwell is located near many clinical services, and we have established strong partnerships with community health providers, including a medical clinic, a dentist office, a local pharmacy and a physiotherapy clinic nearby.

Nutrition and Physical Wellness

Bodwell's kitchen teams serve nutritious meals every day to meet student needs, with customization available for dietary restrictions or allergies. 

Students get three meals a day, plus a light nighttime snack, included with their boarding experience.

The BC Healthcare System

For emergency and acute care services, the Lions Gate Hospital is less than 15 minutes away, providing world class care. We are also paired with a Public Health Nurse, who provides immunizations to Grade 9 students every year and supports our nursing staff in a continuous manner.

When international students arrive, they are provided with private medical insurance. The plan covers services such as hospital accommodation, ambulance transport, prescription medicine, emergency medical treatment and some dental procedures (within various prescribed amounts).

After 3 months, students are enrolled in the BC Medical Services Plan, which, for a small monthly fee, provides coverage for medical visits and hospital expenses within a world-class healthcare system, with the exception of prescription drugs and medical aids.