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Peers & Community

A Strong and Supportive Global Community

Bodwell's community is driven in large part by its international student body, who bring a wealth of perspectives that make our school a vibrant place to live and learn. 

Together with staff, each year's student parliament helps drive a variety of opportunities to bring students together to learn about the world around them.  We teach students to respect each other's qualities and to contribute to a harmonious global society.  We also encourage and guide self-initiated groups and projects on a variety of social aims.​

The House System

Bodwell's House system fosters teamwork, camaraderie, and healthy competition. All students are assigned to be a member of one of the houses below on their first day at Bodwell and will remain a member of that House until they graduate.

Unity House​

UNITY signifies oneness. Leaders bring people together to achieve progress for all. “Unity” is looking past divisions to see what we can create together.​

Discovery House​

DISCOVERY drives our curiosity. Uncovering new ideas and pursuits is the ultimate freedom. Continued exploration makes us life-long seekers of knowledge.​

Courage House​

It takes COURAGE to go to another country & learn a new language. To succeed, we push past fears of failure and demonstrate resilience & persistence

Legacy House​

A LEGACY is what we've done in life. We want to leave behind something of benefit to others. We reflect on who we are now & who we wish to become.​

Spirit House​

SPIRIT breathes power and life into us. School spirit, team spirit, & individual spirit tap into the energy that fuels our passions & gives us the will to succeed.​

Harmony House​

HARMONY is not just a state of balance — it is the agreement between people to continually work together, manage differences, & find common ground.​

Student Leadership

Bodwell students have ample opportunity to take on peer leadership roles during their time at the school. From helping organize events to representing students in school policy development, student leaders have an important role to play on our campus. 

Student Parliament

Through student-led elections, representatives from the student body give voice to student issues and have a hand in the planning and implementation of many initiatives and events that happen on campus.​

House Captains

House Captains serve as role models, leaders of activities and events, and assist youth advisors in counselling their peers.

They are provided special training on various leadership topics. Prefects also supervise student volunteers, gaining experience in management and effective communication.

Peer Tutoring

Peer tutors help empower students with the study skills and learning resources they need to achieve academic success.

As students who have shared similar challenges and overcome them successfully, our peer tutors offer strong, personalized support to junior students within the school. 

Celebrating Our Global Community

Events allow students to enjoy each other’s cultures through food, music, and dance. They give a better understanding of cultural identities and allow students to actively learn how to prepare and host major events.​