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Academic Support

Academic Support at Bodwell

Academic supports are programs and strategies that are used to increase the academic achievement of students. Every Bodwell student gains access to a strong and experienced network of resources to help them prepare for their academic future.

What do we do at Bodwell?

At Bodwell, true academic support means addressing all the needs of our students, so that they can excel as they strive towards their goals. For us, this means that we prioritize open and consistent communications between parents, students, counsellors, and teaching staff, while also ensuring that the right resources are available at the right time for each of our students. If a student's goals require additional resources beyond the campus, we will step up to find and facilitate those connections for them. 


Research shows that:

  • Extra help-opportunities provide a path towards success.
  • Students respond if they feel they have a reasonable chance of succeeding through extra work.
  • It can provide motivation, personal individual attention, direct instruction, and error correction.
  • It is best when taking a step-based approach (providing corrective feedback on each step of a question or problem).

Enriched Learning with G & S Blocks

G and S Blocks are regularly scheduled classes taking place outside of standard hours. We offer language classes in both G and S Blocks for AEP students, as well as support courses to help build academic excellence. 


Learning Centres and Support

Our subject teachers always welcome students in after-class hours, as well as during Learning Centres - scheduled blocks for one-on-one or small group help.


Tutoring Options

Students may benefit from evening study time, with a regularly scheduled study hall supported by local professional tutors. Additionally, peer tutoring is available for junior students, and private tutors may be hired with support from Bodwell for specific needs. 


Test Preparation Sessions

Prior to important standardized exams like the IELTS, Provincial Assessments, or SATs, Bodwell teachers organize exam-prep sessions with practice tests and enhanced support.