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Co-Curricular Learning

Co-Curricular learning expands and enriches student learning. 

Outside of regular class time, Bodwell students are able to explore opportunities to expand their learning to broader areas of “real-world” knowledge and to further strengthen their English language skills. Co-curricular learning also provides Bodwell students with the opportunity to develop strong profiles that succeed in university applications.


Co-curricular classes take place after classes and in Saturday mornings and, building on top of the basic BC Ministry of Education requirements to enrich the student experience in a structured and effective manner. Saturday courses are recorded on student report cards.

All Enrichment classes focus in at least one of the following areas:

Career Exposure

Students gain wisdom and experience from professionals in fields such as engineering, computer science, tourism & hospitality, business & marketing, journalism, and international relations.

English Enrichment

From formal courses like IELTS exam prep to exploring the lyrics of rap music, there are many opportunities for students to improve their knowledge of the English language in its many forms and uses.

Sports Training

From improving athletic performance to learning about the body mechanics, these classes teach students to manage their personal health to become stronger, faster, and more capable of working in a team environment.

Service-based Education

In these courses, students learn the value of community engagement and contribute hands-on to the city surrounding the school alongside professionals and community members. 

Outdoor Education

Our location, close to mountains, forests, creeks, and the ocean, give our students an advantage in learning survival skills, improving their physical endurance, and strengthening their understanding and respect for the planet.

Special Interests

Unique course topics include modern language learning (e.g., Spanish, Japanese, etc.), debate, public speaking, and many more options, created based on student input and demand.