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Academic English Development

What is Academic English? 

Academic English requires a set of language tools more complex than those used in everyday conversation and writing. Without proper preparation, many university students fall short because they lack Academic English ability.


Admissions to a desired university and a desired major are often affected due to insufficient Academic English. We provide a highly supportive and specialized Academic English Language Development Program to ensure student success in postsecondary admissions, study and beyond.


Knowing where you are – Measuring Academic English levels from start to end

 All incoming grade 10-11 students take a language proficiency test to determine whether they need to begin their studies in the AEP program prior to the regular academic program.


From there, we measure Academic English levels of all students every semester until graduation, with assessment results using the CEFL (Common European Framework Levels).

Academic English Preparation (AEP) for students below C1 level

Bodwell’s Academic English Language Development program can be understood with the analogy of learning how to bike.

AEP students learn vital skills that include building academic vocabulary through reading, mastering academic writing skills, practicing through discussion and presentation, and learning language forms and functions.

Students from A1 to B1 levels take 4 AEP courses and 4 credits of academic courses tailored to their English skill. Students at B2 level take 3 AEP courses and 8 credits of academic courses.

A student completes one level of AEP in a semester or sometimes a half-semester. Students who make exceptional effort may complete AEP in less time with the help of an intensive July course.

Targeting 6.5 – IELTS Preparation

At Bodwell, we prepare students to write IELTS which is one of the world’s most popular English language proficiency tests for higher education covering English skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking. Most Canadian universities require a minimum of IELTS 6.5 (C1) to be admitted, some requiring 7.0 (C2).

Students at Grades 11 and 12 are given free IELTS preparation sessions and mock tests and are encouraged to take the official tests once or twice before the deadline for university applications. Teachers review results and if needed offer additional help in preparation for a next sitting for the test.