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Personal & Career Exploration

Young people are growing up in challenging times.

Because of this, Bodwell focuses on providing close support to students to help them start on the right path towards their career goals.

Career Life Education works to give students a deeper understanding of their journey through high school and how to utilize their learning to succeed in life after high school. 

Students at Bodwell undertake two key courses:

Career-Life Education (CLE)

Students focus on gaining clear understanding of the career-life development, knowledge, skills, and strategy required for successful adulthood.

Career-Life Connections (CLC)

Students apply career-life development knowledge and strategies to their own life journey, including the career-life exploration component and capstone project

What makes our program different?

  • We deliver more individualized and student support than any other career ed programs, with opportunities for experiential learning    
  • A capstone support group is set up after school twice a week for students to work on their projects and meet with teachers about post-secondary/career related questions.​
  • We deliver content through actual course within the time-table (other schools have students take it outside of class time so students tend to get lost)​    
  • Students are paired with professionals for mentorship to experience actual careers and fields​
  • More support and teacher spends time with each student to make individualized plan​ 
  • Support English development/practice through interview simulations, communication skill development, presentation skills

Career Exploration Hours

Throughout their time at Bodwell, students undergo 30 hours of career exploration as part of their graduation requirements. 

This component gives students a chance to get firsthand experience in the fields of their interest. They develop important transferable skills and experiences that they can use in their university applications.​


Options include: 

  • Service Learning
  • Employment
  • Fieldwork/visits
  • Job shadowing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Specialized projects

Capstone Project

Every student conducts a capstone project to explore their career path of choice. Through this, they develop and demonstrate important transferable skills such as time management, creativity, critical thinking, accountability, independent and resiliency.


Other key benefits: 

  • Kickstarting professional networks
  • Developing understanding of career path
  • Enhancing university applications
  • Reflecting on overall learning experience